The Lyme Recovery Clinic & Detox Center was created as a safe space for patients of chronic illness to unplug from their busy lifestyles and focus attention on their healing… even if only for an hour or two. We offer healing treatments and counseling not only for patients of Lyme disease but for anyone seeking a thorough detoxification of the mind, body and spirit.

Lyme Disease Tools

We offer Lyme disease consulting as well as an array of treatment protocols, supplements and herbal remedies to help patients through any phase of the illness.

Detox Tools

We offer detox consulting as well as a variety of detox techniques including Ionic Foot Baths, Biomat meditations, and Castor Oil detox packs.

Energy Healing Tools

We can help with spiritual counseling to unblock trapped energy and we also offer healing sessions in Reiki, Human Tuning (with tuning forks), and meditations with Binaural Beats.